Monday, May 24, 2010

Origin of the Family Name

Thought I would cite a reference which explains the origin of our family name. The name ‘Askew’ appears to originate from the name of a location in Northern England.

“ The property in Cumbria, England listed in the Doomsday Book (dating from the time of William the Conqueror) as ECHESCOL was a grove of ash trees, as such a grove was called ASKOOG in that region where Norse (Old English) was spoken. The word ask means ash in Norse and the word esk means ash in Saxon (Askew and Eskew) … This property always referred to as the Ash Grove (askoog) was given to a man named Thurston in the time of King John, c. 1198, by the Boyvills, Lords of Kirksantons, ‘within the lordship of Millom.’ … most likely Thurston (a Norman name) was given this property which made him a yeoman (land owner) in return for his accompanying Boyhill on the Crusade. … The Askew name was given to those people who lived in the now extinct village of Ayskeugh which evidently was formed as the family of Thurston grew into a community in that same ash grove which he had received as a feoffment. Thurston was later called Thurston de Bosco (forest) translated Thurston of the wood (forest), the forest being the same ash grove (askoog). Evidently his children became John of the askoog, Mary of the askoog, later John Aiscough, Ayscough, Aiskeughe, Ascue on to Askew.” (Some Askew Family History by Earl Scott Glover)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Askew Codex

As I researched Anne Askew, I discovered another tidbit of information in relation to the English branch of the Askew family tree. Dr. A. Askew of London, England had acquired a lost gospel inscribed on its binding as "Piste Sophiea Cotice" which has been interpreted to mean “Books of the Savior”. The British Museum purchased the lost gospel from Dr. Askew in 1795. It is still not known how Dr. Askew originally acquired the document but, it is believed that he purchased it in a London book shop. This gospel became known as The Askew Codex and is still maintained by the British Library. The Askew Codex