Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sam Snow – Setting the Record Straight

I previously produced a blog entitled, 'Sergeant Sam Snow of the 8th Mississippi Infantry, A Letter from his First Sergeant, and an Unknown Mississippi Soldier's Grave' back on July 5, 2010.  The Blog referenced the possibility of Sergeant Sam Snow being interned as an unknown Confederate Soldier in the Resaca Confederate Cemetery.  Some time ago, my father and I were able to visit the Resaca Confederate Cemetery; while at the cemetery my father recalled a conversation that he had overheard as a child … that Sam Snow’s father had traveled to Georgia to recover his Son’s remains.  While in Georgia, the father recovered Sam Snow’s remains from two sisters.  While at the cemetery we read the story of Ms. Green and the story my father had heard as a child made perfect sense. 

The story of Ms. Green and the Resaca Confederate Cemetery is as follows, “After the battle, a family known as the Green family returned to their plantation and the sight that met them there was almost more than they could bear. The bodies of confederate soldiers were buried in crude makeshift graves all across the yard. Compelled by a sense of respect to those who had fallen in action, Mary J. Green and her sister began collecting the bodies to bury properly. Though poverty was rampant the Green daughters wrote friends asking for any amount money they could give. Col. John Green gave his daughters 2.5 acres (10,000 m2) of land for use as a cemetery for these soldiers. With the money collected and the land provided, the Green daughters and their mother began work on what we now call the Resaca Confederate Cemetery.” (Wikipedia)

So the search for Sergeant Sam Snow continues ….
At LT Clark's Grave

AT Resaca Confederate Cemetery
Resaca Confederate Cemetery Marker

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