Saturday, December 29, 2012

Birdie Askew and the Outlaw Home

I had previously posted on my Blog about the Askews as early settlers of North Mississippi.  In my post, Early Mississippi Settlers, I included information and a picture of the Outlaw home built in the 1830’s. 


I recently had an opportunity to visit the Outlaw home again and met the current owner who is currently in the process of restoring the home.  She allowed us to take a tour of the house and pointed out the artifacts that she has acquired for restoring the interior portion of the home.  She has attempted to locate as many of the original artifacts that were originally associated with the home.  She has scoured local antique shops and families, recompiling original artifacts from the home dispersed during an estate sale several decades ago.


Among the artifacts that she has acquired are family photos.  One is a photo of the Outlaw and Harvey Family on the front porch of the home.  Another photo is of an Askew, Birdie Askew, we have no idea who this is … all we have is the name inscribed on the back of the photo, the fact that she is wearing clothing from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s and the name of the Memphis, Tennessee studio on the back of the photo.  This will certainly take some research to figure out exactly who she is, how she fits into the family tree, and her relationship to the Outlaw Home.  Hopefully, another post will develop from this research.


I am very grateful to the current owner for allowing us to take a tour of the home … the interior is very well maintained and she has accomplished much over the past few years.  It was very much like stepping back into the past … to a time that my ancestors lived only a few miles away and probably saw the home very much as I did during the tour.  There is no doubt that they often visited this home of their in-laws and relatives.  It will be interesting to visit the Outlaw Home in North Carolina and see if the design is similar.  Few families can say that their ‘In-Laws’ are ‘Outlaws’ in the same sense that my family can.

Photo of Birdie Askew

Reverse of Birdie Askew Photo 

Outlaw, Harvey Family Photo

Reverse of Outlaw, Harvey Family Photo

Rear Exterior of Outlaw Home

My Father entering the Outlaw Home

Upper Floor Bedroom

Interior Stairwell

Downstairs Parlor 

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